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A podcast that does for popular culture what American dentists do for the endangered species list. "A clever deconstruction of pop culture with great background music" - Miranda Sawyer, the Observer.
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Jun 3, 2016

The podcast that does for popular culture what Glasgow does for salad returns with @thatbenbaker, @alisoneales and @ewan joining the gang.

This time out we've got an insider's view of Eurovision, a skewering of television critics, sex on the box, and a brand new pop up pop culture clinic.  Plus there's reviews of new comics adaptations Preacher and Outcast, Radio 1 DJs being melted, and the return of the Deathwatch Beatle.


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Here more from Ben at his website, and check out his new daily Punk Rock Pub Quiz.

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Mar 31, 2016

The podcast that does for popular culture what Donald Trump does for Vidal Sassoon returns with a special episode looking at 1996. 

Special guests Alison Eales, Seb Patrick, Ben Baker and Mark Coale turn the clocks back twenty years to look at when football came home, the Outsiders invaded Atlanta, pop's Messiah arrived and we all went round to Chris' house for Easter.

Plus we revisit This Life, and remember Neon magazine and the Children of Albion Rovers.


Alison's new single, Chirology, is available now at

Here more from Ben at his website, and check out his new daily Punk Rock Pub Quiz.

Listen to Seb on comic book movies every fortnight at the Cinematic Universe podcast

And find out more about Mark's show and magazine at Odessa Steps.


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Dec 27, 2015

The podcast that does for popular culture what Christmas did for Nicolae Ceaușescu returns with a seasonal special to pick over the bones of 2015.

Special guests Ben Baker, Al Kennedy, Sophie Morgan and Andrew Moir join the Reverend IM Heppy to dissect a year of crowdfunded comebacks, misfiring superheroes and 50 Shades.  Plus there's a bumper outing for the Deathwatch Beatle.

Hear more from Ben at The Benatical.  Or get his new quiz book if you're stuck for something to do during the holidays.

Listen to Al talk comics at House To Astonish. And if you're feeling full of festive spirit why not support his Mary Sue t-shirt campaign for Plan's Girl Fund.

Sophie's books Diary of a Submissive and No Ordinary Love Story are available from all good book retailers.  And Amazon.

You can hear more from Andrew on First Contact and read his take on pop culture at The Spoilist.

Alison's new single, Chirology, is available now at


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Hello to Miranda Sawyer.


And incidentally, a happy Christmas to all of you at home!

Nov 25, 2015

So Libsyn wanted a brief shill to plug our podcast and their Thanks Podcasting venture.  And maybe win a year's subscription along the way.

Fat chance.  Although we might not have taken the whole thing too seriously...

Nov 1, 2015

It's the finale of our first series, and in a bumper episode this time out, we've got crap alien invasions, itinerant journalists, geek media's gross hypocrisy, Bruce Campbell, a guide to finales and a little bit of Bond.

All that plus the Deathwatch Beatle...

Joining @fromthesublime are @thatbenbaker, @sebpatrick, @caraellison and @alisoneales.

Find out more about Cara's book, Embed With, which is out on November 19th, at

You can hear Seb's online sitcom A Brief History of Time Travel at

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Alison's new single, Chirology, is available now at

Iain is currently appearing in Run For Your Absolute Turkey at the Rumbaba Theatre, Saltcoats.



You can find us at @fromthesublime on Twitter and on, er, Facebook (obviously).

Back at Christmas.


Oct 15, 2015

This time out, we’ve got stranded astronauts, 70s nostalgia, the return of Heroes and a pushback against cliffhangers.

All that plus the end of the world...

Joining @fromthesublime this time out are @thatbenbaker, @ewan and @craigmcgill.

Go check out more of Ben's work at

Follow Ewan's writing and Eurovision commentary at

You can also find us at @fromthesublime on Twitter and on, er, Facebook (obviously). 

Oct 2, 2015

This time out, we’ve a tribute to lady Ghostbusters, ruined Muppets, the death of heroic journalism, new Doctor Who and Michael Fassbender in a girl’s boarding school.

All that, plus the return of the Deathwatch Beatle…

Joining @fromthesublime are @thatbenbaker, @housetoastonish, @thespoilist and @alisoneales.


Check out more of Ben work at

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You can find us at @fromthesublime on Twitter and on, er, Facebook (obviously). 

Sep 19, 2015

This time out, we've got Channel 4's Hunted, why TNA Wrestling might just be the worst company in history, and we look at the James Bond themes you may not have heard. Plus, there's a quick game of Bits and Pieces, if you fancy it...

@fromthesublime goes solo this week.  You have been warned.

Aug 31, 2015

This time out, we've a look at this autumn's big TV pilots - including Supergirl, Minority Report and Lucifer. Plus, a guide to armageddon, funny goings on at Marvel, the deathwatch Beatle, and Ben Baker's Pleasure Principle.

Contributors this episode: @evilmirroriain, @thatbenbaker@housetoastonish@ifdestroyed and @alisoneales.

Check out more of Ben Baker's outstanding work here.

To hear more informed comics chat from Al and Paul, visit here.

Jul 26, 2015

Welcome to the pilot episode for a brand new podcast.  This time out, we look at Tremors and Mr Robot, a Scottish media conspiracy (no, not that one) and the Deathwatch Beatle pays tribute to our fallen favourites from July.

Contributors this episode: @fromthesublime, @thatbenbaker, @alisoneales and @jon_melville.

You can find out more about Jon's book Seeking Perfection, including download links to buy it, here.

You can see and hear more of Ben's work, including his history of Music and Viz, here.
If you enjoyed this, let us know and we might even make more of them.  No promises, though.