… to the Granddaddy of them all

I’m a great believer in the noble traditions of professional wrestling.  Not least that retirement stipulations should be broken at the earliest opportunity.

One of the reasons for starting up this blog, other than to try and hone my age- and neglect-blunted writing skills again, was because I decided to take a break from podcasting.  I was retiring.  Hanging up the microphone.

But sometimes you need to scratch that itch.  And Wrestlemania season’s one of those times.

So for the next couple of weeks, I’ve dusted off ol’ Yeti and resumed my podcasting partnership with the estimable Gary Rodger, of Jaffa Cakes for Proust fame, for a miniseries of episodes looking at professional wrestling’s Champions League final past and present.

Don’t panic if you can’t be arsed with the wrasslin’ – the episodes don’t appear on the main website feed.  But if hearing two greeting grapple fans rambling on for an hour, and even occasionally talking about the graps, does float your dilapidated boat, then you can download the first episode of the resurrected Monday Night Braw here or stream it below.

And if it doesn’t… well, don’t worry, there’ll be a lengthy breakdown of why Street Hawk deserves your respect as a piece of classic TV along soon…

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