… to angry Goth cotton buds and fights in a corridor

I don’t just write extended bollocks about pop culture here, you know.  Occasionally I moonlight and write it elsewhere, too.

Over the last couple of years the good folk at The Spoilist have allowed me to review, for reasons known only to themselves, the various Marvel Cinematic Universe series that have been popping up on Netflix.

And with superhero team-up crossover event miniseries thing the Defenders now out to complete the first phase of the clumsily and inaccurately named Netflix Marvel Cinematic Universe it’s not a bad time to point folk to those reviews in the cynical hope of getting a few extra clicks for them.

So, fill your boots with:

Daredevil series 1

Jessica Jones

Daredevil series 2

Luke Cage

Iron Fist

The Defenders

And while you’re at it, you should be checking out The Spoilist anyway, because it’s ace.

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