… to the hole of 2017

As 2017’s been a distressingly noteworthy year, and because Charlton Brooker has decided making fictional dystopian SF TV is a less soul-destroying way to spend his time than reviewing the genuine sci-fi dystopia we now live in, From The Sublime makes a surprise return to podcast form to review the last 12 months.

Scarily, it has been two years since the last time I did one of these, yet during that period much of our popular culture tropes have steadfastly refused to move on.

So, this time out we’ve got regenderations, talking kettles, Hollywood sleaze, crumbling empires and the year in stupid.  Ben takes a look at the TV nobody’s talking about, Andrew revisits the Final Frontier, and there’s a bumper outing for the Deathwatch Beatle, too.

You can download the episode from its page on the website for consuming at your leisure, or if you fancy sticking around on this page for the best part of 70 minutes you can stream it in the player below:


You can also find all the episodes of From the Sublime, along with the first season of Room 404 and Monday Night Braw, on iTunes, Google and Stitcher.  There’s links under each episode that will take you to their respective homes there.

A huge thank you as always to Alison Eales, Andrew Moir and Ben Baker for their contributions and behind the scenes work on the episode.  Do go check out their respective stuff at their digital homes, because they’re all brilliant talented people who deserve a bigger audience.  And as always, support your local podcaster.

It’s been an interesting, and very much eye-opening  year of making content for FTS.  Really, it’s been the first year since the peak era of the Thumbcast that I’ve tried to make a concerted effort to put together a body of work.

To be honest, it’s taught me a very important lesson – that basically, it doesn’t matter what I do, and how I do it, as the stuff I’m producing is for a very small audience.  It’s lovely that it’s a hugely appreciative and supportive audience, but also somewhat frustrating that plugs, retweets, sponsored posts, cross-promotion and everything else has, ultimately, made not a jot of difference to audience numbers.

So, I’m away to get horribly drunk over the rest of the holidays, listen to some sad songs and take stock of what all this means for 2018.

I may keep at it regardless.  I might keep going and for the sake of convenience just hand deliver everything to the eight of you reading this (that’s not a joke, by the way.  I did consider making the FTS Review of the Year a C90 tape for a laugh…).

Or I might stop, having failed to move the needle this year, and spend the build-up to my impending 40th in a Hunter S Thompson-esque stupor.

Let’s be honest, there’s worse ways to spend five months.

Either way, a massive and utterly hearfelt thank you to everyone who’s contributed to, shared, liked, argued with or generally acknowledted FTS, Braw, 404 and the site over the last 12 months. Bliadhna mhath ùr do dh ‘uile duine aig an taigh. Slainte!

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