This is From The Sublime, a blog that does for popular culture what the Piers Gaveston Society does for pork scratchings.  Only probably not as regularly.

From The Sublime was originally a podcast I hosted, back in 2015, and featured the likes of Ewan Spence, Sophie Morgan,  Seb Patrick, Cara Ellison, Al Kennedy, Alison Eales, Jonathan Melville and Ben Baker talking the best and worse of popular culture, often with a slightly Scottish bent.

It helps if you think of it as a more nerd-friendly version of Screenwipe. You can listen to the archived episodes here.

The podcast came to an end in 2016 and who knows if it will return.  But for now, the gap’s being filled with semi-regular posts in the same vein as the pod.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy it.  There’s probably not much I can do about it if you don’t, though.

Bye then!