A Numb Arse For Weeks

A Numb Arse For Weeks
Monday Night Braw

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Yes.  We KNOW.  Nearly two hours.  We’re sorry we’re sorry we’re sorry we’re sorry we’re sorry…

Anyway, for the final show of 2017, Iain and Gary take a look at the state of British Wrestling after a tumultuous year – as encapsulated by one of the biggest shows of the year, ICW’s Fear and Loathing X.

Plus:  Gary’s bold idea for a new match type, the lack of interval raffles, much love for Zack Gibson, some very problematic booking decisions, the rebirth of What Culture, Grado, and what might be the sickest hardcore spot of all time…

Have a fantastic holiday season, and Braw will be back sometime in 2018.

And for a bonus easter egg, with Iain and Gary talking Francis Ngannou, CM Punk and Brock Lesnar, click here!

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